‘Inflation Vexation’

By EWM / May 4, 2022

Much of the market pain right now can be attributed to anxiety over inflation expectations. With these heightened inflation expectations comes an increasingly hawkish Federal […]

‘Is There a Prescription for Subscription Attrition’

By EWM / April 27, 2022

Once the domain of cathode ray tubes and rabbit ears wrapped in aluminum foil, the world of television has come to be dominated by internet streaming services, […]

‘Marginalize the Market’

By EWM / April 20, 2022

The increase in inflation brings with it the possibility of lower profit margins for companies on a forward looking basis. Inflation can work in two […]

‘The Standard Bearer of 80’s Action’

By EWM / April 13, 2022

We were saddened to hear the recent news about Bruce Willis’s retirement from acting due to declining health. Old enough to remember when Moonlighting was […]

‘Cheaper Isn’t Always Better’

By EWM / April 4, 2022

Conventional wisdom tells us that if we pay less for something that is a good thing. This is what all analysts are taught when we […]

‘Does an Inverted Curve Yield Drawdowns?’

By EWM / March 30, 2022

Will the yield curve go inverted? One can almost hear Roy Acuff paraphrasing his classic song. This is what all the financial pundits are talking […]