The Tale of Retail Sales

By EWM / January 18, 2022

On Friday last week, we saw December’s retail sales come in under expectations with a drop of -1.9% versus November. This was given as the […]

Fixed Income Fizzles in the New Year

By EWM / January 10, 2022

2022 is off to a rough start for the fixed income markets. The first week of the new year was one of the worst weeks for […]

The Key Elements of 2021

By EWM / December 20, 2021

As December’s end draws nearer, we would like to consider the key elements that drove the financial news of 2021. And by key elements, of course, we don’t […]

Live with Confidence by Avoiding Holiday Scams

By EWM / December 17, 2021

How do you efficiently withdraw a paycheck from your portfolio with various accounts and the tax treatment associated with them? While the question might seem simplistic on the surface, there are many moving parts to consider, such as current and future tax brackets, income sources, capital gains, and more. 

Will Next Year See Normal Numbers?

By EWM / December 13, 2021

The third quarter or Q3 earnings season is behind us, and now we are looking forward to the Q4 season. If the latest reporting period taught us anything, […]

The Dramatic Arc of ARKK

By EWM / December 6, 2021

Equity markets were down a bit last week. Omicron, the Fed, inflation, and good old fashion fear helped the S&P 500 move slightly south -1.2%. […]