The Herzog’s Fundraise for LACASA Center

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Bert Herzog, Founder of Executive Wealth Management (EWM), and Judy Herzog have a passion for serving numerous charity organizations in their community, including LACASA Center. Judy is a board member of LACASA and has helped with various fundraising and awareness events for the nonprofit agency. The couple has personally supported the Center’s mission for over a decade and brought this passion for generosity to EWM.

EWM’s core values are trust, community, and compassion. The firm has expanded quickly, with headquarters in Brighton, Michigan, three other locations in southeastern Michigan, one in Florida, and another in Colorado. EWM takes pride in serving organizations like LACASA to help those in need whenever they get the chance.

LACASA started serving its community in 1981 and focuses on protecting, advocating for, and empowering victims and survivors of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. They assist hundreds of innocent victims and their families each year as they learn to cope with—and courageously heal from—trauma and heartache. The Center provides prevention, education and awareness to strengthen individuals/families and make the community safer. 

EWM hosted a donation drive for LACASA during the first half of May, collecting various items for the Center and its guests. They brought the donated items directly to LACASA and welcome kits were created by EWM staff for new clients at the Center. Brighton Meijer participated as a second drop-off location, partnering to spread the word and serve the women in the community who are in need. They also provided carrying bags used by EWM staff to assemble the welcome kits. Inside, the donated bags contained a collection of supplies from the donation drive, a bar of soap from Trades of Hope, and letters of affirmation. 

Trades of Hope is a nonprofit organization helping women live the lives they were created to live by fighting poverty & human trafficking. Their online store is filled with fair trade jewelry and ethical fashion made by survivors and female artisans all over the world. For women abroad who are rising out of poverty, that means giving them the opportunity to provide food, education and health care for their families. For women in the US, it provides something similar: Community with like-minded friends, earning an income while making an impact, and an avenue to provide for her family with her family.

If you want to learn more about these organizations, tune into EWM’s podcast, “PurposeCity: Stories of Humanity in Action.” The podcast also highlights other community-minded companies and organizations. You can find more at 


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