‘Does an Inverted Curve Yield Drawdowns?’

By EWM / March 30, 2022

Will the yield curve go inverted? One can almost hear Roy Acuff paraphrasing his classic song. This is what all the financial pundits are talking […]

Dispersed: Ukraine in Crisis

By Ken McMullen / March 24, 2022

Oksana, a local resident from Ukraine, tells of her family’s plight in fleeing their home in Kyiv and her brother-in-law, who has stayed as part of the resistance. Her husband, Nick, sings and plays a Ukrainian resistance anthem on his Bandura. Lifeline Christian Missions Vice President, Audra, explains getting meals to refugees as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t miss this episode.

‘The Fickel Price of Nickel’

By EWM / March 21, 2022

The future is uncertain, and those who plan on devoting significant time and energy in producing goods have always been concerned that the fruits of […]

‘There Is a Lot of Work To Do in the Jobs Market’

By EWM / March 14, 2022

One of the dangers facing our economy is that it is lacking the workers it needs to function appropriately. We have seen the effects of […]

‘The Market is Not in Uncharted Territory’

By EWM / March 7, 2022

When we see falling asset prices we can become emotional. Looking back at lines on a chart, we tend to forget the emotions that surrounded […]

‘The Commodities of War’

By EWM / February 28, 2022

Uncertainty abounds in the world right now. This is why we have a plan to deal with uncertainty as it comes in. We are long-term […]