‘A Yield Sign on Inflation’

By EWM / May 18, 2022

Fixed income yields have finally taken a pause from their rapid ascent this year. When yields move up, the price of bonds move down. Fixed income investors […]

‘The Current Situation on Stock Valuations’

By EWM / May 11, 2022

With equity prices falling, it is time to check in again on valuations in the market. What do we look at when we talk about […]

‘Inflation Vexation’

By EWM / May 4, 2022

Much of the market pain right now can be attributed to anxiety over inflation expectations. With these heightened inflation expectations comes an increasingly hawkish Federal […]

‘Does an Inverted Curve Yield Drawdowns?’

By EWM / March 30, 2022

Will the yield curve go inverted? One can almost hear Roy Acuff paraphrasing his classic song. This is what all the financial pundits are talking […]

‘The Fickel Price of Nickel’

By EWM / March 21, 2022

The future is uncertain, and those who plan on devoting significant time and energy in producing goods have always been concerned that the fruits of […]

‘There Is a Lot of Work To Do in the Jobs Market’

By EWM / March 14, 2022

One of the dangers facing our economy is that it is lacking the workers it needs to function appropriately. We have seen the effects of […]