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Kristan Sayers

It doesn’t take long after walking into K Bella Hair Studio and Spa in Brighton to realize – this place is different. 

“I just feel like everyone needs to express themselves and be who they are.” 

That’s essentially K Bella owner Kristan Sayers’ motto. The colorful-haired and expressive entrepreneur tells PurposeCity’s Ken McMullen, “I want people to walk into my salon and feel comfortable. I don’t care who you are. I hate when a business makes you feel awkward when you walk in.” 

Sayers’ business philosophy mirrors her view on life. The avid horse-enthusiast, fishing aficionado, and gregarious stylist who prioritizes family, horses, and hair (not necessarily in that order) tells PurposeCity why her “Everyone is welcome” attitude became rule number one. 

Kristan Sayers: “I just love people. So, I guess, my mom and dad just taught me that really life is just about making sure that everyone around you is happy and helping them. And if you can feel good when you go to bed at night, then I don’t see any other way to live.” 

Ken McMullen: “I saw on your website, your mission … not be a cookie cutter place where you go in, and everyone has the same haircut. You can be as unique as you want … right? 

Kristan: Yeah, I remember when I went and got in my first interview when I got out of school, right … They were so rude. And I said to myself, “If I ever own a salon. I will not be that salon.” 

Ken: … you’re very colorful person. Back then you were colorful, but edgier. 

Kristan: Yeah. I’ve really tamed down. 

Ken: Yeah. 

Kristan: You have to express yourself. I have a very traditional thinking. I’m very conservative personality wise. So, when I was a little girl like, “How do you express yourself if you’re very conservative?” And so, it was always my look, my parents always were great about letting me be me. So, I started dying my hair when I was in seventh grade. So instead of being bad, doing drugs, I was doing crazy – crazy hair, crazy clothes.” 

Sayers’ diverse characteristics mirror her K Bella’s offerings and philanthropic efforts– from hair styling, brow rehab, extensions, even body piercings – to shoe drives for Foster Care Services and Cancer Fundraisers. 

“I’m just somebody who I don’t wait around for things to happen. I’m going to make it happen and I just love people.” 

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