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Hard Work and Love

Erin Jedrusik

When she boils it down, there are just two things that project success for Erin Jedrusik: hard work, and love. 

“Yeah. My teenagers don’t go to bed without saying I love you back or they are in trouble.” 

The founder of RevivalRN Cosmetic Injectable Spa in Brighton, former ICU nurse, Ninja Warrior who loves “Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking chances and embracing change” tells PurposeCity host Ken McMullen she doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t feel loved and didn’t love hard work. 

“My dad owned his own business. My uncle owned his own business. I always wanted my own business,” says Jedrusik who has owned several small businesses before RevivalRN – including a security company and a daycare. “My dad was always like, ‘You can do anything you want if you work hard enough. Find a way. Someone tells you no, figure out how to do it. You work 100%.’” 

That no-quit commitment was put to the test in her work in a pediatric intensive care unit at Mott’s Children’s Hospital. 

Erin Jedrusik: “We saved a ton of lives; we lost a ton.” 

Ken McMullen: “That’s serious work.” 

Erin Jedrusik: “The years I spent in the ICU … the things I that I saw, the things that I experienced, the things that I watched families go through, it changes your perspective on everything … the things that you’re stressed out about … really aren’t that big of a deal.” 

Jedrusik’s spinal fusion surgery at age 19 provided another overcoming challenge. She tells PurposeCity the temptation to yield to difficulty triggered a positive response from her rebellious nature. 

Erin Jedrusik: “Am I going to roll over and be like oh, my back’s hurt, I can’t do anything? No. I’m going to find a way to do it. Am I going to be faced with challenges? Absolutely. Same with a business. Was it scary? Was it risky to go out and do that and take that leap of faith? Absolutely. But it’s kind of back to that, what’s the worst-case scenario?” 

Erin Jedrusik’s story isn’t over – there are many more life challenges to overcome. Her message of Family, community, and hard work – mixed with her love for people – is resonating with those with whom she shares life’s struggles. 

“I’m always looking for opportunities to help others.”

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