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Dan West

Community, Connection, and COVID

By EWM / August 4, 2021

Livonia Chamber of Commerce President Dan West revels in the intricate nature of his job.  “I take my work home with me every day.”  Dan […]

Chris Elias

Hard Times Requires Strong Values

By EWM / July 6, 2021

Just after the nation’s worst economic crisis was a risky time to open a new business. “Post-Depression .. mid-1930s.”  But Chris Elias’ dad and two […]

Erin Jedrusik

Hard Work and Love

By EWM / June 26, 2021

When she boils it down, there are just two things that project success for Erin Jedrusik: hard work, and love.  “Yeah. My teenagers don’t go […]

Kristan Sayers

Where Everyone is Welcome

By EWM / June 18, 2021

It doesn’t take long after walking into K Bella Hair Studio and Spa in Brighton to realize – this place is different.  “I just feel […]

Tom Jordan

The Truth, The Media, and You

By EWM / June 14, 2021

After more than two decades as a broadcast journalist, Tom Jordan says there’s been a blurring of the lines between truth, right and wrong.  “I […]

Julie Smith

Untapped Potential

By EWM / June 6, 2021

For a young man named Garrett, the life transformation was revolutionary.  “[He] was not real verbal, [not] real interactive. He did his own thing. Fast […]