Ken McMullen

Navigating Open Enrollment: A Season of Choices

By Ken McMullen / November 15, 2023

Read Time: 3 MIN Open Enrollment season is upon us, a crucial time for making informed decisions about your healthcare coverage for the year ahead. […]

Economic Update May 2023

By Ken McMullen / May 15, 2023

Economic Update May 2023: Video automatically transcribed by Sonix Economic Update May 2023: this mp4 video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best […]

One-Stop Financial Solutions and the Power of Referrals

By Ken McMullen / May 9, 2023

Written by: Ken McMullen, CMO Read Time: 3 MIN At Executive Wealth Management, our primary mission is to empower our clients to achieve their financial […]

2022 Economic Forum

By Ken McMullen / May 19, 2022

Dispersed: Ukraine in Crisis

By Ken McMullen / March 24, 2022

Oksana, a local resident from Ukraine, tells of her family’s plight in fleeing their home in Kyiv and her brother-in-law, who has stayed as part of the resistance. Her husband, Nick, sings and plays a Ukrainian resistance anthem on his Bandura. Lifeline Christian Missions Vice President, Audra, explains getting meals to refugees as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t miss this episode.

Never Say No

By Ken McMullen / September 28, 2021

‘Never Say No’ features Barb Binkley of Cooper & Binkley Jewelers and Jimmie Plaskey, EWM Private Wealth Advisor.

They discuss stories and inspiration from a ‘Never Say No’ policy to those in need.