Why Should I Have My 401k Managed?

By EWM / August 18, 2022

Time Constraints: Let’s face it, life is hectic.  Within our busy lives, it can become impossible to accurately and adequately manage the complexities of your […]

The Herzog’s Fundraise for LACASA Center

By EWM / August 15, 2022

Bert Herzog, Founder of Executive Wealth Management (EWM), and Judy Herzog have a passion for serving numerous charity organizations in their community, including LACASA Center. […]

Inflation Jubilation?

By EWM / August 15, 2022

Was that the inflation report we have all been waiting for? In the initial reporting, there was no headline inflation for the month of July, […]

Economic Update August 2022

By EWM / August 12, 2022

The EWM Weekly 8-8-2022

By EWM / August 8, 2022

For two weeks, participants in the financial markets have belabored the definition of “recession,” so it seems only fitting that the actual labor market would […]

Recession Discretion

By EWM / August 5, 2022

Last week we saw a negative real GDP (inflation-adjusted gross domestic product) print come out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This was the […]