Saving and Enhancing Lives in the Community

By EWM / June 6, 2021

Discover how lives are literally being saved and enriched by two amazing organizations, Work Skills and Fund-a-Life.

Julie Smith

Untapped Potential

By EWM / June 6, 2021

For a young man named Garrett, the life transformation was revolutionary.  “[He] was not real verbal, [not] real interactive. He did his own thing. Fast […]

Mark Howell

Six Weeks and Counting

By EWM / June 6, 2021

2012 was the year Mark Howell was in the midst of expanding his family. “It was two weeks after our first-born son was born … […]

Are the High Valuations Dropping?

By EWM / June 1, 2021

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Trend signals are proprietary research of Fortunatus Investments, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and […]

Wellness and Life’s Second Half with: Broadcaster Chuck Gaidica

By EWM / June 1, 2021

Discover what Chuck Gaidica has been up to in recent years and interesting insights about him not many people know. Chuck discusses how to live the ‘second’ half of our lives with meaning and wellness.

Learn why Ken says, “When life gives you Lemon Sharks…”

Chuck Gaidica

Loss, Pain, and Hope

By EWM / June 1, 2021

When Chuck Gaidica was at one of his lowest points, he found comfort from one of his most loyal friends.  “She’s chewing my ear and […]