Why SPAC-Mania is Dying Down on the TD Ameritrade Network

By EWM / August 23, 2021

Fortunatus Investments Chief Investment Officer, Nathan Larsen, discussed with TD Ameritrade Network Network’s Oliver Renick, his latest takes on inflation, JOLTS (job openings and labor […]

Discounted Future Cash Flows

By EWM / August 17, 2021

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” goes the famous English proverb first put down on paper by the naturalist John Ray in […]

Searching for Employment Trends

By EWM / August 10, 2021

There was a “good” jobs report released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (US BLS) on Friday of last week. For July, the US added […]

Community, Connection, and Covid

By EWM / August 4, 2021

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has made many of us reevaluate the importance of community and our connection with others. Dan West, president of the Livonia Chamber of Commerce, and Private Wealth Advisor at Executive Wealth Management, Rob Larson, join Ken McMullen in a thoughtful, entertaining, and inspirational discussion on the importance of community and connection in our lives.

Dan West

Community, Connection, and COVID

By EWM / August 4, 2021

Livonia Chamber of Commerce President Dan West revels in the intricate nature of his job.  “I take my work home with me every day.”  Dan […]

Problems Going Public

By EWM / August 3, 2021

“Nikola Corporation is an American company that presented a number of zero-emission concepts during 2016–2020” is the current (8/2/2021) opening sentence of the Wikipedia article for the […]