Financial Stability in Unstable Times

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As uncertainty and variables surrounding the pandemic continue to linger, so does the volatility in the financial world. This market doesn’t seem to know which direction it wants to go right now. To be prepared for the challenge of the constantly changing market, we must be flexible. I equate it to a quote from the Chinese philosopher Confucius, “only great minds and fools never change.”

During uncertain times of market fluctuation, investing by your risk tolerance with appropriate asset allocation allows a better chance of accounts tolerating these fluctuations in the market. However, if you do take risks and you are looking at perhaps chasing this market, you could put yourself in a vulnerable position if there is a significant pull back.

Right now, we’re looking at inflation numbers at 5.4 percent, even though the Federal policy has been dovish, we still don’t know what they intend to do through the end of the year. We also are seeing very good blow out earnings numbers this last quarter and it could continue this quarter.  

The market is always changing whether it is in a positive direction or a negative one. People who want to build wealth need to understand that an investment philosophy and process is critical to any long-term investment strategy. Developing an investment philosophy built on wisdom with an infrastructure in place for inevitable changes is critical in their long-term asset growth.

Executive Wealth Managements investment philosophy stems from this wisdom and is secure in the three pillars of build, defend, and advance. Building your portfolio and your retirement, defending it in difficult times, and advancing it when the market is favorable.

We also know true wealth is inherit in the value of people. Compassion in working with our clients’ financial goals is at the core of our build, defend, and advance philosophy. At the end of the day, portfolio management comes down to doing the things we love with the people we love.

Build. Defend. Advance. Trust. Community. Compassion.

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