7 Key Plays in Wealth Management

7 key plays

Presented by: Todd Perry, CFP ®, CIMA®, CPWA®, RMA®

Read Time: 3 MIN

Vanguard, a financial giant akin to a championship football team, has recently updated its playbook—the 2001 whitepaper that delves into how advisors contribute to your financial success through relationship-based services. Much like football, where defining the value of each play can be complex, Vanguard’s study reinforces the undeniable impact of having the RIGHT financial advisor on your financial scorecard.

In this financial game, Vanguard outlines seven game-changing strategies in wealth management (value added is in basis points):

Asset Allocation Using Diversified Funds/ETFs: This play can potentially put more than zero points on your financial scoreboard.

Cost-Effective Implementation (Expense Ratios): This move is expected to earn you a solid 30 points.

Rebalancing: Estimated to add a substantial 14 points to your score.

Behavioral Coaching: Offers a versatile range, from zero to an impressive 200 points.

Asset Location: This play varies in value from zero to a significant 60 points.

Spending Strategy: This strategy can boost your score by anywhere from zero to an impressive 120 points.

Total Return vs. Income Investing: Expected to yield more than zero points, just like a well-executed play.

From my playbook of personal experience, one strategy shines like a game-winning touchdown pass: managing your portfolio withdrawals during retirement. Analyzing various scenarios, especially those involving tax implications for retirees’ portfolios, can have a significant impact, possibly more substantial than the 120 points mentioned in the study. Our firm knows how to make this play because we handle both investment management and tax preparation, similar to a quarterback who knows the playbook inside out.

Now, you might be wondering if all financial advisors are executing these plays to improve your financial score. The answer is not always. If an advisor’s game plan revolves around selling annuities or other products, it might be a signal to explore other options, much like switching to a different team’s playbook.

So, what kind of impact can these strategies have on your financial game? Vanguard’s conclusion is noticeable: “Based on our analysis, advisors can potentially add up to, or even exceed, 3% in net returns by using the Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha framework.” However, just like in football, the real game-changer is ensuring you’re collaborating with the RIGHT advisor to lead your financial team to victory.


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